IT Resourcing

Need additional ICT staff for long term engagements or short term projects?

TW have a proven track record of partnering with customers to provide excellent staff to handle a variety of ICT roles. The staff we provide are full time employees of TW rather than contract staff. They can work with your organisation for long term engagements or short term projects. If your requirements change then we can flex up in times of high demand and flex down when the pressure is off.

We can provide staff to your organisation to complete a pre-defined work package which can be managed by TW or we can provide resources to augment teams within in your organisation.

Our key areas of specialisation include:

  • Help Desk staffing
  • Infrastructure Staff for Support or Projects
  • ICT Specialists
  • Project Managers

Features of our managed resources model include:

Motivated Staff

Although the on-site resources will be located in your premises, they are TW employees and TW play a significant role in keeping them motivated, positive and working together as a team. To this end we conduct regular performance reviews of our personnel, operate an ‘open-door’ policy for the sharing of any problems or difficulties, have periodic social outings, organise and fund training programs, operate reward and incentive schemes and are generally a sympathetic, conscientious and flexible employer. This approach has led us to have a motivated, positive and loyal staff, with a very low attrition rate which greatly benefits TW and our customers.


In addition to the ICT resources we locate in your organisation, we always train additional personnel for backfill purposes. In practice this entails locating additional engineers on site to shadow the assigned resources for a period sufficient for them to be completely familiar your support or project requirements. This approach ensures we have a pool of qualified staff, with experience of your operation to draw from to provide seamless cover for:

  • Planned leave/holidays
  • Unplanned absence (illness etc.)
  • Unplanned emergency cover (system failure, virus issue etc.)
  • Flexing up in times of high demand


Close regular monitoring of the contract is vital to ensure that a quality service is continually delivered. To facilitate this, TW always assign a dedicated account manager to each contract.

The account manager acts as the main point of contact with the customer for the duration of the contract. They have the authority to deal with all matters in relation to the contract and will work closely with the customer to ensure that a high quality service is continuously provided from the contract and from the individual engineers.

Training of Engineers

TW place a very strong emphasis on the training of engineers. Each engineer discusses and agrees a formalised training program as part of their annual review. This includes specific goals for the achievement of certifications. All new engineers attend an induction course on TW’s procedures and codes of conduct. Formal training courses with all leading hardware and software manufacturers are regularly provided to our engineers. TW bear the cost of training for all engineers. We have also implemented comprehensive formal training in ITIL Management for all Service Desk operatives and engineers.

Customer service skills are a vital element to the success of our contracts. Our engineers, in addition to following a set of technical procedures, will also follow a ‘Customer Care Guide’. This guide has been developed as part of an extensive Customer Care Program that TW have implemented for our engineers, using a dedicated consultancy company. The purpose of this program is to emphasise the importance of interpersonal skills and to ensure that the engineers interact with the customer in a courteous, professional and helpful manner. Workshops, training, role-playing, customer surveys, customer forums all form part of our on-going customer care program.

Our experience is that to deliver top quality customer service the attitude and interpersonal skills are as important as the technical competency of our engineers.


We hold periodic service meetings with the customer to review the performance of the contract in terms of:

  • the service levels measured against agreed Key Performance Indicators
  • the structure of the service in terms of hours of cover required and number of engineers assigned
  • training requirements for the on-site team
  • scheduling of training and ‘shadowing’ for backfill replacement engineers
  • the allocation of engineers to upcoming project-type work
  • the performance of individual engineers
  • the overall quality of ICT Support service